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Friday, 24 May 2013

401 Dumps Part - 4

  1. What must a developer consider when inserting records using an API- based tools?
Choose 2 answers

  1. Required fields on page layouts are enforced.
  2. Apex triggers are ignored.
  3. Universally required field settings are
  4. Validation rules are respected

  1. Match the platform aspects with their corresponding descriptions
    1. Database : defines objects, fields and relationships
    2. User interface : controls applications appearance.
    3. Development : tools and environments used to develop applications
    4. Logic: creates tasks, assigns records, does time-based actions

  1. In which Salesforce environments will the record Ids be identical?

    1. Production and Developer sandbox only.
    2. record IDs are never identical.
    3. Production, Full copy Sandbox, and Developer Sandbox
    4. Production and Fullcopy Sandbox only.

  1. Object B has a lookup relationship to Object A. Object C has a lookup relationship to Object B. A developer needs to run a report on A records with C records.
How can the developer accomplish this?

    1. run a report using the standard report type: A with B with C
    2. Create a summary report with a custom summary formula summarizing by A, then B, then C
    3. Create a custom report type that includes A with B with C
    4. Create a matrix report with A and record as column headings and C records as row headings.

  1. Which is a valid data type for a custom formula field?
Choose 3 answers

    1. Date
    2. Email
    3. Percent
    4. Currency
    5. Radio button

  1. Which action is available to a developer when two objects are connected by a lookup relationship?
Choose 2 answers
    1. Create a custom report type that allows customization of fields displayed from both parent and child objects in the report wizard.
    2. Create a cross object formula field on the child object to reference fields on the parent object.
    3. Create a roll up summary field on the parent object to count child records
    4. Create a cross object formula field on the parent object to reference fields on the child object.

  1. What is a Junction Object?
    1. A standard object with a master-detail relationship
    2. A custom object with a master-detail relationship
    3. A standard object with two master-detail relationships
    4. A custom object with two master-detail relationships

  1. Object x has a lookup field to Object Y. X needs to display a text field on Y.
To ensure data integrity, how would a developer implement this?

    1. Create a rollup summary field on Object X that retrieves the value from Y
    2. Create a text field on Object x and use a workflow rule to fill in the value upon the creation of X.
    3. Create a text field on Object X and use Apex to populate the value
    4. Create a cross-object formula field on Object x that retrieves the value from Y.
  1. How does a developer enable users to access tags in the sidebar?
Choose 3 answers

    1. by enabling tags for the organization.
    2. By enabling tags on user’s profiles
    3. By enabling tags for public groups
    4. By adding tags to the sidebar in the home page layout.
    5. By enabling tags on the page layout for an object.

  1. In a bug tracking application, Universal Containers has created a time based workflow action that will execute 30 days after a Bug record is created. The developer would like to test to make sure that rule is working the way that it should.
Which feature is available for testing?
Choose 2 answers
    1. Time based workflow queue
    2. Activity History related list
    3. Debug log
    4. Bug history related list

  1. A business requirement can be met by using either a formula field or an Apex trigger.
Why would a developer use a formula field of an Apex trigger?

Choose 2 answers
  1. Formula fields allow greater control and flexibility than Apex triggers
  2. Formula fields can be created by users who cannot code in Apex
  3. Formula fields can be created and deployed using only a browser
  4. Formula fields do not require test methods to deploy.

  1. Why might an analytic snapshot fail during a scheduled run?
Choose 3 answers
    1. The running user has been made inactive.
    2. The target object is a custom object
    3. The source report was not created by an administrator
    4. The target object contains an Apex trigger
    5. The source report has been resaved as a matrix report

  1. Universal containers tracks reviews as a custom object in a recruiting application. An interview score is tracked on each review record and should be numerical, so that hiring managers can perform score calculations. The scores should be restricted to integer values 1 through 5 and displayed as a set of radio buttons
How can a developer meet this requirement?

    1. Create the Interview score field as a picklist, displayed as a radio button on page layout
    2. Create a formula field that displays the interview score as a set of radio buttons
    3. Create the interview score field with a data type of radio button
    4. Create a visualforce component to display the interview score as a set of radio buttons

14.Users X and Y need to see the same candidate record.For security reasons,user Y should NOT be able to view and report on the Email Address field on the record.
How would a developer meet this requirement?
A. use a custom Visualforce page to make the email address visible to user X but not user Y
B. use a sharing rule to make the email address only visible to user X
C. use field-level security to make the email address visible to user X but not user Y
D. use page layouts to make address visible to user X but not user Y

15.What can be viewed using the process visualizer?
A.Approval processes
B.Support processes
C.Sales processes
D.Workflow rules
16. When loading Account,Contact,and User data,what represents the recommended order to load the data?
A.load Contacts,then Accounts,then Users
B.load Accounts,then Contacts,then Users
C.load Users,then Accounts,then Contacts
D.The order does not matter.
17.In a master-detail relationship,what happens to the child records if the parent record is deleted?
A.A subset of the child records is deleted.
B.Parent records deletion fails.
C.Child records are not deleted.
D.Child records are deleted.

18.In a custom order management application,Universal Containers requires that the Product Name and Product Code are consistent according to a custom object set up with valid Product Name and Product Code combinations.When a user enters an order,the system should check to ensure that the Product Name and Product Code entered are valid.
Which feature would a developer use to accomplish this?
A.a validation rule with the REGEX function
B.a validation rule with the VLOOKUP function
C.a formula field with the VALIDATE function
D.a formula field with the IF function

19.Which statement is FALSE about master-detail relationships in the platform?
A.when defining a master-detail relationship,the custom object on which you are working is the master
B.when a master record is deleted,the related detail records are also deleted
C.The master-detail relationship field is required on the page layout of the detail record
D.The security settings for the master record control on the detail record

20.Which type of tab can a developer create?
Choose 3 answers
A.web tabs
B.Apex tabs
C.standard object tabs
D.Visualforce tabs
E.custom object tabs
21.Universal Containers requires that some employees are able to view and edit records of a custom object called Positions,but no users can delete them.
How can Universal Containers accomplish this goal?
A.set organization wide default for positions to Read-only
B.assign Read-only profile to all users
C.remove the Delete Access for positions from all user roles
D.remove the Delete permission for positions from all profiles

22.Which property of a field can be edited within the page layout editor?
Choose 2 answers
A.Field Dependency
B.Always Displayed

23.In a recruiting application,all users should be able to see positions that have a status of Open.If the status is anything other than Open,the position should be visible only to the record owner.
How would a developer accomplish this?
A.set the organization wide default for positions to Private,then use manual sharing to add or remove access as positions change status.
B. set the organization wide default for positions to Public Read-only,then use a sharing rule to restrict access to closed positions.
C.set users’ profiles to ensure to view only for open positions
D.set the organization wide default for positions to Private,then use a sharing rule to automatically share open positions

24.A user can only see the fields A,B, and C on a record of Object X until the Stage field value on the record changes from New to Working.Once the Stage field value is updated to working and the record is saved,the user should be able to see fields A,B,C and D.
How would an application developer configure this?
A.use workflow to change the record type
B.use multiple Visualforce pages
C.use workflow to change the field-level security
D.use validation rules to expose the field.

25.Which mechanism allows for authenticated access to a site?
Choose 2 answers
A.It is not possible to provide authentication for a site
B.An active Customer Portal
C.An active Partnet Portal
D.Setting restricted IP ranges for your site

26.Which statement is TRUE about field-level security?
Choose 2 answers
A.It determines the values displayed in a visible Picklist field
B.It is enforced in the Web Services API
C.It can be controlled at the record level.
D.It is specified on the profile

27.What is NOT a component of a custom application?
A.custom object warehouse
C.default landing page
D.custom tab

28.For objects where data access is granted through the role hierarchy,how is access granted?
A.Users are only granted access to data owned by users below them in the role hierarchy
B.Users are granted access to data accessible by users below them in the role hierarchy
C. Users are granted access to data accessible by users in the same role in the role hierarchy
D. Users are only granted read access to data owned by users above them in the role hierarchy

29.No clarity in Question

30.A developer needs to perform an automated extract of data from Salesforce nightly at 2:00 a.m. How would the developer accomplish this?
A.use the command-line interface of the Data Loader
B.use the Export scheduler of the Data Loaders’s GUI
C.use the Data Export Service to perform a nightly extract
D.use the schedule Managerof the import wi

31.How can a wireless device user approve a record?
Choose 2 answers

A.via voice recognition
B.via a mobile browser by logging into Salesforce
C.via a text message
D.via email from a smartphone

32.A developer would like to modify the contents of the hover details for a custom object called Position,What would a developer customize to accomplish this?
A.Position Record Types
B.Position mini page layouts
C.Position field dependencies
D.Position Search layouts

33.Master-detail relationships can be used to model many-to-many relationships between two objects.Which statement is TRUE about many-to-many relationships?
Choose 3 answers
A.Each primary and secondary object has a standard report but custom report types are not available.
B.Each master object record displays a related list of the associated junction object records
C.Each use a junction object to connect the two objects that need to relate to each other
D.Each record of one object is linked to multiple records from another object and vice versa.

34.In a recruiting application,a custom object called Position requires approval.When a position record is submitted for approval,the requirements below must be met:
  • The hiring manager must approve the record.
  • The approval must be forwarded to all members of the executive team,but only one executive needs to approve the record
  • The VP of human resources must approve the record
How would a developer meet this requirement?
A.Create an approval process with a step for each executive team member,allowing approval steps to be skipped.
B.Create an approval process which utilizes parallel approvers,but does not require unanimous approval
C.Create parallel workflow rules,requiring atleast one executive team member to complete their assigned task.
D.Create multiple approval processes,one for each executive team member,and utilize parallel submission

35.If a change is made to an approval process,how can a developer determine the user that made the change.
Choose 2 answers examining the Debug Log examining the setup audit trail locking at “Modified By” on the approval definition checking the field history on the associated record.

36.Universal Containers has built a recruiting application with two custom objects,Job Applications and Reviews,that have a master-detail relationship.Users should NOT be allowed to delete review records after job application records have been approved.
How would a developer meet this requirement?
A.change the interview’s profile to Read-only for the review object
B.remove the Delete button from the job application page layout
C.use workflow to change the page layout to Read-only
D.use a validation rule in Conjunction with a roll-up summary field

37.Hiring managers at Universal Containers would like a visual mechanism for determining review score outliers.Review scores are captured as a custom field on a custom Review object and can range from 1 to 10.Any review score that is > 8 should be highlited in Green.Any review score that is < 4 should be highlited in red.

How would a developer accomplish this?
A.use custom summary formulas
B.use Matrix Reports
C.use Conditional Highliting
D.use charts

38. In a recruiting application, salary requirements are tracked in a custom object. An approval process is built that will route all salary requirements less than 100,000 USD to the recruiter for automatic approval. In that same approval process, salary requirements greater than 100,000 USD are routed directly to the vice president of human resources.

What must be done to initiate the approval process that will route the appropriate records to the vice president for approval?

  1. Save the record so it will automatically be entered into the approval process
  2. Crete a workflow rule that will evaluate salary amount and send a notification to the vice president if the salary is greater than 100,000 USD
  3. Create a workflow rule that will evaluate salary amount and trigger the approval process if the salary is greater than 100,000 USD.
  4. Execute tha approval process by clicking on the submit for Approval button on the record’s detail page layout.

39. What can Cross object formulas reference?
A. Both parent and child object records
B. Records of the same object
C. Child Object records only
D. Parent Object Records only.

40. A developer has added a custom object tab to an application. Which additional feature will become available by default for the object in the application?
Choose 3 answers.
  1. Create New sidebar component
  2. Quick create
  3. Sidebar Search
  4. Custom reporting

41. Universal Containers tracks Positions as a custom object in a recruiting application, when position records are created, they have a status of New and are visible to only the position owner. Once position goes through an approval process, the status is changed to Approved. Approved positions should be visible to the entire organization.

How can a developer meet this requirement?

  1. Create an Apex trigger that automatically updates sharing on a position once the status is approved
  2. Create a formula field that updates the sharing on a position once the status changes to Approved.
  3. Create a sharing rule that states that Approved positions are shared with the Entire Organization
  4. Create a workflow field update that updates a custom field called Sharing on a position once the status is Approved.

42. Which Statement is true regarding Sites?
Choose 3 answers
  1. Sites can leverage declarative page layouts as web pages
  2. Sites enables developers to build public, unauthenticated websites.
  3. Sites are built with visualforce pages
  4. Sites leverage data and content in a salesforce org.

43. Which developer tool can be used to create a data model?
Choose 2 answers

  1. Webservices API
  2. Application Setup menu
  3. Data Loader IDE

44. Which statement is TRUE about the custom object import wizard?

  1. It can import, upsert, update, delete, and export data.
  2. It can provide success and error files .csv format
  3. It can deduplicate records
  4. It can perform marching based on record ID only.

45. In a recruiting application, a master-detail relationship has been defined between two custom objects, Job applications (master) and Reviews(detail).Which statement is TRUE?
Choose 2 answers

  1. The master-detail relationship between JobApplications and Reviews is defined on the Job application Object
  2. Review records may exist without an associated job application
  3. Deleting a job application record will delete associated review records.
  4. Review records will inherit ownership from the associated job application.

46. A developer would like to enable end users to filter the data displayed on the related list of an object detail page.

How could a developer accomplish this?

  1. Configure the object’s related list to add a filter.
  2. Customize the search filter fields layout for that object.
  3. Enable Advanced Search on the object’s related list
  4. Create a visualforce page to replace the object detail view.

47. When performing an update with the Data Loader, the comma-delimited file must contain a column with which values?
A. the logical names of the records
B. the profile names of the record owners
C. the created time and date of the records
D. the record ID values of the records

48. Which portion of the Model-View Controller paradigm is represented in as a standard or custom object?
A. View
B. Controller
C. Model

49. Universal Containers tracks Offers as an object in a recruiting application. Once an offer has been accepted by a candidate, there must be a value in the Actual salary field.

How would a developer meet this requirement?
  1. Create a formula field that prompts the user to enter an Actual Salary value whenever the offer record is edited
  2. Create a workflow field update to set the property of the Actual salary to Required.
  3. Create a validation rule to make Actual Salary required each time the offer record is saved
  4. Create a validation rule to make sure that the Actual Salary is not null whenever an offer is accepted

50. Position is custom object in recruiting application built on the platform. Development is a field on the Position Object. What type of report should a developer create to show hiring managers the number of positions grouped by department?

  1. Tabular
  2. Analytic snapshot
  3. Pivot
  4. Summary

51. For master-detail relationship fields, what determines the access a user must have to a master record in order to create, edit or delete the associated detail records?

  1. Field level security
  2. Sharing setting
  3. Record type
  4. Field data type

52.Which dashboard component displays a grand total across a set of data?

Choose 2 answers

  1. Pivot
  2. Chart
  3. Metric
  4. Gauge
53. Which type of custom field can be an external ID?

  1. Text, Email or Number fields only.
  2. Phone Number, Email. URL and Text based fields
  3. Text, Number of Formula fields only
  4. Custom field of any type

  1. A developer needs to support multiple currencies for a custom object in an application. The multiple currency feature has been enabled for the organization.

What does the developer need to know in order to successfully support this application?

Choose 2 ans
  1. Administrators can add additional currencies after the application has been built.
  2. Currency ISO code will need to be supplied when inserting records into different currencies
  3. The multiple currency feature will automatically track historical exchange rates.
  4. The Roll-up summary fields on a parent record will calculate incorrectly with the child records have multiple currencies.

  1. A developer wants to build an application on the platform. The data model, the users needing access to the application, and the application have been considered. The report and dashboard requirements have not been considered.
  1. The data model may not support the required reports.
  2. The developer will not be able to load application data.
  3. The data model may not support the required business logic.
  4. The dashboard will not be visible to manage users

  1. Universal containers has built a recruiting application on the platform. In the application, recruiting managers need to see how the number and status of candidates in the pipeline changes month over month.

Which feature enables this kind of analysis?
  1. Dashboards
  2. Custom summary formulas
  3. Analytic snapshots
  4. Custom report types

57.Which feature is available for custom objects?
Choose 3 answers.
  1. Sharing
  2. Field History tracking
  3. Queues
  4. Assignment rules

58.Which field is available as a part of the translation work bench for a validation rule?

  1. Error Message
  2. Formula
  3. Descritption
  4. Rule Criteria

59. Which standard profile has the “View Encrypted Fields” options by default?

  1. No profile has permission active by default
  2. Solution Manager Profile
  3. System Administrator Profile
  4. Standard User Profile

60. Given a three tier model(UI layer, Business Logic layer, data layer). Which feature of the platform is associated with the data?

Choose 3 answers

  1. Custom relationships
  2. Custom Fields
  3. Custom tabs
  4. Custom objects
  5. Custom Applications


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